Sendelica – Live From the 7Th Psychedelic Network Festival 2014

Sendelica on SunhairSUNHAIR MUSIC 0010 2CD & 2LP

This release contains the complete show of the Welsh band SENDELICA performing at the 7th PSYCHEDELIC NETWORK FESTIVAL in 2014. SENDELICA are a five-piece band playing improvised, instrumental Space Rock influenced by HAWKWIND, early PINK FLOYD and KRAUTROCK bands like NEU!, ASH RA TEMPEL or CAN.

This music is deep and rich, the interaction within the band is excellent, and therefore interesting passages are waiting to be discovered even after repeated listening.

The highlight of the show is the 47-minute trip into space, „Master Benjamin warned young Albert not to step on the uninsulated air“. This track takes you into hypnotic landscapes and far-out, exotic, jazz-tinged areas as well as on guitar-driven Space Rock excursions.

All exactly as it happened that wonderful night, no overdubs!!! Live!!!
Mixed from the multitrack desk recordings by the band & Aviv.


Pete Bingham: guitar
Glenda Pescada: bass
Lee Relfe: saxes
Lord Armstrong Sealand: theremin, keyboards
Meurig Griffiths: drums


1. Spaceman bubblegum 10:34
2. Standing on the edge 02:23
3. Manhole of the universe 17:46
4. Set the controls for the heart of the Buddha 11:38
5. Master Benjamin warned young Albert not to step
on the uninsulated air 47:40
6. Magical Ninin 10:55


Double CD in a jewel case with clear tray & 8 pages booklet.

Double vinyl, 180 gr heavy vinyl, hand numbered in a gatefold sleeve plus poster 30 cm x 60 cm. Includes a download code of the whole show as the last track had to be omitted from the vinyl due to length restrictions!

350 copies in black vinyl
125 copies in purple vinyl
125 copies in magenta vinyl (note: 75 copies were used for a special box set only available directly from SENDELICA!)

Michael Katon & Rob Orlemans – Live Ko.


Cover sh013Recorded on 28 May 2015 at the Ribs & Blues Festival in front of several thousand Dutch blues fans during their „Knock Out Boogie Tour“, MICHAEL KATON & ROB ORLEMANS are playing their version of high-energy, hard-riding Boogie Blues Rock.

Two Monster Boogie guitar players who constantly challenge each other to transport their solos to new heights while the dynamic rhythm section of Piet Tromp and Ernst van Ee deliver a fat boogie groove that’s solid as a rock.

One of the highlights of the show is the version of „Fried Jalapenos“ lasting more than 8 minutes long which is fired up by Michael’s & Rob’s wild guitar duels.

This album appears as a tour edition and offers a raw ’n‘ direct mix to show you how MICHAEL KATON & ROB ORLEMANS deliver the (boogie) goods!!!

Michael and Rob take up the lead vocals of the songs they wrote personally.

Additionally included are two interviews from May 2015 which offer an interesting insight into the boogie world of MICHAEL KATON & ROB ORLEMANS.

Get on the boogie train!!!


Michael Katon: vocals, guitar
Rob Orlemans: vocals, guitar
Piet Tromp: bass
Ernst van Ee: drums


1. Get yer boogie on 05:03
2. J.L. Boogie 05:02
3. Red moon risin‘ 06:38
4. Indian machine 07:03
5. Get on the boogie train 08:10
6. Highway of love 04:54
7. Fried Jalapenos 08:23
8. Interview: Dewy Mulder 22:08
9. Interview: Gerda Jackson 04:58


CD jewel case with transparent tray, 8 pages booklet. Tour edition: 300 copies